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Thulasy Suppiah

A former Oracle Corp solutions consultant and now a striving (read: struggling(in italics)) lawyer, Thulasy Suppiah is an unapologetic and ‘happy, Indian(in italics)’ feminist who believes in the fundamental principle that the state cannot legislate private citizens’ right to exist and to make autonomous decisions about their bodies, sexuality, religion and political ideology.

Articles by Thulasy:

Brand Feminism: Exploitative or Empowering?
There appears to be a rising “feminist” awareness amongst women and girls in this country – wouldn’t you say? Where
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One of Us Needs to Be Kept Off the Streets, and It Isn’t Me.
by Thulasy Suppiah We, Malaysians, pride ourselves on upholding ‘traditional’ Asian values. Respect for women and our elders in a
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