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Somebody Told Me

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By Tariq Maketab

Sexism and patriarchy aren’t inherent in human beings, they’re socialised. The ideas are programmed by society’s elders into its younger members, shaping their worldview to see that the values that they learned are “just the way the world is”, and that any attempt to challenge this world order threatens to upend all that they hold sacred.

As a cis-heterosexual Malay male, I’ve heard many remarks either directed at me or said offhand that reflect how central the institution of marriage is to my place within my community, as well as what was expected of me once I married. Much of what I was told shaped my, and I’m sure many other males’, mindset growing up.

Where The Women At?

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By Tariq Maketab

Last Sunday at The School, Jaya One, a forum was organised by the G-Blog in conjunction with the latest edition of Art for Grabs. The issue at hand: the participation, or lack thereof, of women in the political arena. The seats were packed with a fair gender balance of audience members, intrigued to hear what the panelists had to say.

The 4-person panel featured members from both sides of the political aisle and had a mix of youth and experience: Yeo Bee Yin of DAP and the Selangor state assemblywoman for Damansara Utama; Dr. Faies, an advocate for mental healthcare and President of the Healthcare Bureau of Puteri UMNO; Jasmine Ho, an accomplished international debater and final-year law student from Universiti Teknologi MARA; and Aishwarya Adaikalaraj, award-winning public speaker and freelance writer. Emellia Shariff, founder of the G-Blog and advocate for women’s empowerment, moderated the forum.


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