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Girls Chase Boys Chase Girls

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By Steph Fernandez

When I began writing this article, I wanted to find something to write about that was lighthearted, funny; an issue that I could put into words quite easily, considering that I think of myself as predominantly a humor content creator – especially when I’m not writing poems, or from an academic mindset. Coming from an angle of, “Why the fuck are you laughing at what you just wrote, Steph?”, I didn’t expect to be laughing out of a mix of despair, exasperation, and “What the fuck are you on?”-esque disbelief.

See, as someone who runs in predominantly queer circles, many of my friends identify as bisexual. And I think that we’ve made it clear that we – as millennials – are part of the Tinder generation (and there’s nothing wrong with that; I’ve had some great dates that stemmed from Tinder, one of which developed into a twenty-four hour thing with an individual who I now call my significant other, but I digress). Upon speaking to my friends who identify as bisexual, if anything, I’ve found out that dating on Tinder as a bisexual woman is difficult.


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