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The Devil You Know

thegblogteam 3 comments

by Shuku Kusanagi-Li

There are two old scars on my arm that I get asked about a lot – they’re large, and look as if they’ve had some stitches. My usual answer is that they’re old injuries, or that I had a slight accident with a sharp object, and I leave it at that. People generally get the hint and don’t pry further, which suits me fine. Some things I prefer not to talk about. Those scars are pretty high on that list.

And then, just a week ago, a friend on social media linked me to a story about a woman who got herself out of an abusive domestic situation in the most intelligent, legal way possible (which is really worth a look), and after reading it, I decided that perhaps it’s time to talk about those scars. More importantly, perhaps it’s time to talk about the circumstances that gave me those scars, because if it helps save one person from a lifetime of nightmare and misery, it’ll be worth it.


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