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The First Cut

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by Frank 

This is a story of how naïve I once was; how two decent human beings (at the very least) became toxic to each other. How the perfect guy could become a nightmare, a ghost that lingers. This is a story of my mistakes.

When I was 21, I was already planning to get married to the ‘man of my dreams’. He was tall, attractive, kind, caring, smart and we shared the same values. We were together for 7 years at that point and he had my best friend for a year before. I should have felt like the luckiest girl alive. I met the ‘love of my life’ when I was 13, and we were now planning our future together.

Check Your Privilege

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By Frank

This is my personal encounter with sexual harassment at work. This is not the usual sexual harassment story you’d expect to hear, about being at the receiving end of violence or oppressive behaviour due to your gender; rather, this is a story about receiving special treatment and access to opportunities simply by virtue of belonging to a certain gender. The way this seemingly harmless form of harassment is perpetrated renders it as damaging as any other form of discrimination with which women are faced in the workplace.


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