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No Compromise

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by Esther Ho 

– is what the pastor would say. Do not compromise your faith. Follow Jesus all the way. Be strong and steadfast and faithful to the teachings of the Bible, to God. Do not fall astray. “Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, […]” – James 4:7, NIV

I was raised to be a proud “Jesus freak”, a believer pledged to lifelong membership in the Christian faith, my only goal in life to be so devoted, so passionate, so faithful and righteous in God’s sight that I could ignore any and all ridicule and criticism about my fanatic adherence to my religion. This meant setting down a lot of boundaries from a very young age. These are the things you should do to be a good Christian. These are the things forbidden to you. These are the people you should keep around you in order to grow in faith. These are the people who are “bad influences” (the devil) and should be resisted.

And I swallowed it whole.


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