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The Patriarchal Oppression That is The Hijab

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by Ana Kahar*

     I am a girl who was raised conservatively. My family believes in the mainstream interpretation of Islam. I used to be very conservative and rigid when it comes to religion, but I wished there were more neutral discussions on the differences of views in the world included in our education syllabus. Back in school, the teachers often made comparisons between Islam and other religions, but only to show why Islam still prevails at last. They did not take criticisms to the religion in their entirety and kept justifying their claims using hadith and fundamentalist interpretations of the Quran. Back then, I felt the justifications were adequate. However, things changed. As I grew up, the desire to seek a different truth grew as well. The justifications made did not convince me because I believed that humans are fallible and thus people who are “religiously educated” should also be able to be challenged when it came to their views. They over-simplified many complex and tricky matters in regards to religion. As a result of that, the young me wasn’t able to see beyond the records of the words of the Prophet and holy scripture.


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