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Jihad Pasca Liberal: Feminisme Muslim Ketika Zaman Kezaliman dan Tanpa Harapan

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Oleh Alicia Izharuddin

Penterjemah: Sarahaida Khairuddin


Gambaran Jelas Mengenai Feminisme Muslim

Akuinya, keadaan semasa adalah teruk. Kerja sepenuh masa dan berpendapatan tetap semakin berkurang, dan gaji yang diterima tidak mencukupi akibat kenaikan harga barang keperluan utama. Lebih banyak orang dewasa berusia 20-an dan 30-an masih tinggal bersama ibu bapa mereka kerana tidak mampu untuk hidup sendiri. Generasi kini mewarisi kemelesetan global pasca 2008 yang tidak pernah pulih sepenuhnya dan dikuasai budaya hutang. Dan kini kita menyambut tahun 2017 dengan kejatuhan nilai mata wang. Kita menyaksikan kekejaman kuasa-kuasa besar dunia dan pemimpin mereka yang secara terang-terangan anti-wanita, anti-LGBT, anti-pendatang, anti-Islam, dan anti-keamanan. Masa yang lama diperlukan untuk mengimbangi kerosakan politik mereka.

Post-Liberal Jihad: Muslim Feminism During a Time of Cruelty and Despair

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by Alicia Izharuddin

Situating Muslim feminism in the bigger picture

Let’s face it, times are bad. Full-time and secure paid work are drying up, and real wages are not catching up with the rising prices of basic essentials. More adults in their 20s and 30s continue to live with their parents because it is too expensive to live on their own. Millennials have inherited a post-2008 global recession that never really recovered and an overpowering culture of debt. And now we welcome 2017 on a low note. We watch a car crash in slow motion as global superpowers and their leaders prove themselves to be devastatingly anti-womenanti-LGBTanti-immigrationanti-Islam, and anti-peace. It will take a long time to offset the damage of their politics.

Ambivalent Malay-Muslim Women: Why They Reject the Hijab

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by Alicia Izharuddin

I have always been interested in how the social influences the individual. My research project on the hijab helps me understand the relationship between society and the self. Of course, articles about Muslim women’s choice to wear the hijab have been written and dissected ad nauseam – and here I am writing about it again – so, what makes this piece different from the many others? Perhaps by proposing that both wearing the hijab and the rejection of the hijab cannot be reduced to choice.

The Emotional Labour of Dealing with Sexual Harassment

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by Alicia Izharuddin 

This blog post begins with a fictional story which is yet to have a happy ending:

There is a man who has a history of harassing women but always got away with it. His friends and colleagues know about it but remain steadfast in their loyalty towards him. Close friends vouch for his good behaviour. Yet, stories about his behaviour travel far, into the living rooms of people who have never met him, into the coffee sessions shared between friends. Some do not know his name yet tales of his behaviour have achieved the status of legend. In the meantime, the voices of the women he had harassed are quashed. They stand by close to the scene of the crime – the circle of friends who protect the perpetrator and his reputation. They watch and wait in vain for laws and attitudes to change beyond their own lifetimes.


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