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Kenyataan Media: Menegakkan Hak Identiti Masyarakat Transgender

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Penterjemah: Ahmad Safwan


Berikut adalah kenyataan media oleh komuniti transgender Malaysia dan sekutu sebagai respons kepada keputusan Mahkamah Rayuan pada 5 Januari 2017 terhadap pertukaran maklumat kad pengenalan seorang lelaki transgender.

Media Release: Uphold Right to Identity of Transgender Persons

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Below is a media release by the malaysian transgender community and allies in response to the decision by the Court of Appeal on January 5 2017 on the change of details in national identity card by a trans man. 

Undang-Undang Stereotaip: Cabaran Dihadapi Golongan Transgender Di Malaysia

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Oleh Susan Tham 

Penterjemah: Ahmad Safwan

Selepas berbicara dengan lelaki dan wanita trans baru-baru ini mengenai pengalaman memeritkan yang mereka terpaksa harungi, kami meneliti bagaimana kumpulan transgender betah di Malaysia dengan memahami kesan undang-undang serta norma-norma sosial yang berkaitan dengan kehidupan sebagai seorang transgender.

Pertubuhan global hak asasi manusia, Human Rights Watch telah mengeluarkan kenyataan bahawa transgender adalah istilah untuk sesiapa yang jantina diberikan semasa lahir tidak mengakuri jantina yang diperlihatkan – mereka lebih selesa dikenali dengan jantina lain.

Laws to Stereotypes: Obstacles Faced by Transpersons in Malaysia

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By Susan Tham 

After speaking to a trans man and trans woman recently about the painful experiences they face, we took a look at how the transgender group copes in Malaysia, by understanding the legal ramifications and social norms linked to life as a transgender.

Global human rights organisation Human Rights Watch notes that transgender is a term for anyone whose sex assigned to them at birth does not conform to their lived or perceived gender, which is a gender they are more comfortable in expressing.

Womanhood and Hormone Replacement Therapy

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by Minerva Anastasia Rosenthal

Being born and living as a trans woman is not easy. It is not something that I like doing, and certainly not something that I choose to do for fun. In fact, it’s far from fun. A lot of people are born with a gender that they can identify with, emotionally and psychologically. I’m not one of them. There is a constant battle within me, an uphill battle which gets steeper and steeper every step of the way, and I’m not equipped with the right gear to win it. Every step I take is a learning process, and I’m just a person trying to get to higher ground when everything else seems to be pushing me down.

The Criminalisation of Gender Identity in Malaysia

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Below are laws that are used to prosecute transpeople in Malaysia:


Section 21 of the Minor Offences Act 1955 

Drunkenness and disorderly behaviour in public places
21. Any person who is found drunk and incapable of taking care of himself, or is guilty of any riotous, disorderly or indecent behaviour, or of persistently soliciting or importuning for immoral purposes in any public road or in any public place or place of public amusement or resort, or in the immediate vicinity of any Court or of any public office or police station or place of worship, shall be liable to a fine not exceeding twenty-five ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen days, and on a second or subsequent conviction to a fine not exceeding one hundred ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months or to both.

Understanding Sex and Gender: Distinctions, Assumptions and Violence

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Understanding sex and gender is imperative in ending violence and marginalization of transgender persons.

Overwhelming evidence affirms that gender identity is an innate part of our being, and sex and gender are two separate categories that all human beings have. Neither sex nor gender are binary, meaning consisting of only two identities.


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