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Lalitha Monisha

Lalitha is an island girl hailing from Sabah whose thirst for adventure and knowledge knows no end. She believes it is the greatest risk and the sweetest reward to take the road less traveled in life. Curiosity, compassion, and courage (though not all the time, she admits) guide her thoughts and steps.

Articles by Lalitha:

Child Marriage & Teen Pregnancies: Addressing the Root Causes, Not the Symptoms
The G-Blog’s forum on Child Marriage: Setting Our Children Up To Fail was held at the recent Art For Grabs
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KLAB of Bros: Is Indie Publishing Alternative Enough?
by Lalitha Monisha Last Saturday, the G-Blog in conjunction with the KL Alternative Bookfest 2016 + Art for Grabs conducted
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The problem with the concept of ‘gender roles’
By Lalitha Monisha A few days ago, the president of Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) told reporters that feminism does not
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