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Girls Chase Boys Chase Girls

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By Steph Fernandez

When I began writing this article, I wanted to find something to write about that was lighthearted, funny; an issue that I could put into words quite easily, considering that I think of myself as predominantly a humor content creator – especially when I’m not writing poems, or from an academic mindset. Coming from an angle of, “Why the fuck are you laughing at what you just wrote, Steph?”, I didn’t expect to be laughing out of a mix of despair, exasperation, and “What the fuck are you on?”-esque disbelief.

See, as someone who runs in predominantly queer circles, many of my friends identify as bisexual. And I think that we’ve made it clear that we – as millennials – are part of the Tinder generation (and there’s nothing wrong with that; I’ve had some great dates that stemmed from Tinder, one of which developed into a twenty-four hour thing with an individual who I now call my significant other, but I digress). Upon speaking to my friends who identify as bisexual, if anything, I’ve found out that dating on Tinder as a bisexual woman is difficult.

Kita Perlu Berani dan Masuki Era Pasca-Seksualiti

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Oleh Terence A. Anthony

Penterjemah: Syahirah Wahed

Pembalikan watak terbaik yang pernah saya tonton adalah dalam filem Scotland, Trainspotting.  Bermula dengan empat sekawan yang mencuba nasib di sebuah kelab selepas bersumpah untuk kekal bersih daripada dadah  ‘heroin’. Antara empat watak itu, watak utama ialah Franco Begbie. Tidak seperti tiga orang kawannya, Begbie menggambarkan dirinya sebagai lelaki ‘alpha’. Ketika kawan-kawannya sedang pulih daripada ketagihan dadah, Begbie mendapatkan kepuasan khayalan dengan mencari pasal dengan sesiapa sahaja secara rambang.

Secara ringkasnya, dia mewakili simbol maskulin toksik. Ia adalah suatu rasa ‘macho’ yang dibesar-besarkan seperti satu parodi mengenai apa yang dilakukan oleh orang untuk berasa kelelakian. Namun, ia hanya meletakkan diri mereka dan orang lain dalam keadaan bahaya.

We Need To Be Brave and Enter An Era of Post-Sexuality

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By Terence A. Anthony

The greatest role reversal I’ve ever seen on film was in the Scottish film, Trainspotting. The scene starts with four friends trying to finally get “lucky” in a club after vowing to be clean from heroin. Out of the four, the highlight was a character named Franco Begbie. Unlike his three friends, Begbie portrays himself as the ultimate alpha male. While his friends were recovering drug addicts, Begbie got his high from picking fights with people at random.

In short, he is the embodiment of toxic masculinity. It is a sense of exaggerated machoism that feels like a parody of what people do to act ‘manly’ but instead put themselves and others in harm’s way.

No Compromise

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by Esther Ho 

– is what the pastor would say. Do not compromise your faith. Follow Jesus all the way. Be strong and steadfast and faithful to the teachings of the Bible, to God. Do not fall astray. “Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, […]” – James 4:7, NIV

I was raised to be a proud “Jesus freak”, a believer pledged to lifelong membership in the Christian faith, my only goal in life to be so devoted, so passionate, so faithful and righteous in God’s sight that I could ignore any and all ridicule and criticism about my fanatic adherence to my religion. This meant setting down a lot of boundaries from a very young age. These are the things you should do to be a good Christian. These are the things forbidden to you. These are the people you should keep around you in order to grow in faith. These are the people who are “bad influences” (the devil) and should be resisted.

And I swallowed it whole.

Kepastian Dalam Kompromi

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Oleh Effie Johari

Penterjemah: Azim Allaudin

Mengenalpasti seksualiti diri anda hampir kelihatan seperti sebuah kepentingan. Kebanyakan daripada kita yang merujuk diri sebagai gay, lesbian, atau biseksual telah membina naratif “coming out” agar dapat lebih memahami seksualiti diri sendiri, jika bukan untuk orang lain, ianya bagi diri kita sendiri. Kita mengenali model “coming out” yang tipikal sebagai “proses secara langsung untuk mengenali diri sendiri di mana identiti heteroseksual yang tidak tepat tetapi diterima umum digantikan dengan identiti lesbian atau gay” sebagai sesuatu yang asli dan tepat [1]. Pergelutan yang berpanjangan terhadap keaslian atau kepastian inilah yang dimaksudkan dalam kepentingan untuk “mencari” seksualiti anda.

The Certainty of Compromise

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By Effie Johari

Mapping out the topography of your sexuality seems almost like an imperative. Most of us who identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual have constructed “coming out” narratives to make sense of our sexualities, if not for others then solely for ourselves. We recognize the typical coming out model as one which is constructed as “a linear process of self-discovery in which a false, socially imposed heterosexual identity is replaced with a lesbian or gay identity” that is authentic and accurate [1]. It is this constant struggle towards authenticity – certainty – that is implicated in the imperative to ‘discover’ your sexuality.


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