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Where The Women At?
By Tariq Maketab Last Sunday at The School, Jaya One, a forum was organised by the G-Blog in conjunction with
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The First Cut
by Frank  This is a story of how naïve I once was; how two decent human beings (at the very
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The Silenced Warfare
by Dhabitah Zainal  At first her gaze was filled with sympathy, but it was not long before it turned into
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Perkataan ‘Tidak’ Tersekat di Kerongkong
Penulis: Allison Jong Penterjemah: Syahirah Wahed Aku diajar bahawa penderaan wujud di antara kesan fizikal yang luar biasa di badan
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How the Word ‘No’ Disappeared Down My Throat
by Allison Jong I was taught that abuse exists between the borders of unusual physical markings on a person’s body.
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The Devil You Know
by Shuku Kusanagi-Li There are two old scars on my arm that I get asked about a lot – they’re large,
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The Patriarchal Oppression That is The Hijab
by Ana Kahar*      I am a girl who was raised conservatively. My family believes in the mainstream interpretation
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MN’s Journal Entries: Unveiling My Truth
MN* had been wearing the hijab since she was 8 years old, as a requirement at the Islamic school she
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Don’t Marry the Girl in a Headscarf
The day I decided to put on a headscarf was the same as any other day in my life as a
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Ambivalent Malay-Muslim Women: Why They Reject the Hijab
by Alicia Izharuddin I have always been interested in how the social influences the individual. My research project on the
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