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An Ode to Blackness in Boleh Land
by Lesego Barona Otlhabanye I grew up in an all-black society, and for the most part, my colour or gender
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Check Your Privilege
By Frank This is my personal encounter with sexual harassment at work. This is not the usual sexual harassment story
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The Emotional Labour of Dealing with Sexual Harassment
by Alicia Izharuddin  This blog post begins with a fictional story which is yet to have a happy ending: There
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My Take on Sexual Harassment
By Eyman Asyraf Sexual harassment is an act committed by virtually everyone. If you disagree, continue reading and you’ll understand why
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Gender Roles are a Thing of the Past. Choice is the Present.
By Izyana Izhar Growing up I have always revered my mother.  She wakes up early in the morning to recite
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Why (Muslim) Women Become Feminists
By Qis Hakim As a married Muslim woman, I truly believe in upholding women’s responsibilities in the household, I personally
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The problem with the concept of ‘gender roles’
By Lalitha Monisha A few days ago, the president of Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) told reporters that feminism does not
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Taboos, Victim-Blaming Culture and Things that We Don’t Usually Talk About
By Aida Anuar I can’t remember the days where I can read the news without having to read anything about
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Reclaim: Feminist Spaces in Public Discourse
By Mrym Lee Recently, a debate on feminism held in IIUM got my immediate attention. It wasn’t just the topic,
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Think Before You Speak
By Daniella Zulkifli On the 8th of March this year, women and men all over the world celebrated International Women’s
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