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Claiming Space
  When I got called, for at least the second time in just as many months, a Trans exclusionary radical
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Because I am _______.
  Where do I start? At what point of time did this begin? I would have to take us back
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The Choice Feminist Delusion
       “Feminism is about giving women choice. Feminism is not a stick with which to beat other women. It’s
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Marilah Bersetuju Untuk Tidak Bersetuju
Penterjemah: Azim Allaudin Jika anda bertanya kepada dua orang individu tentang apakah yang mereka maksudkan apabila mereka merujuk diri mereka
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Let’s Agree to Disagree
If you ask two people what they mean when they say that they identify as feminists, you’re more likely than
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Feminism: Trend or Movement?
  There was a time around 2008 when the word feminism was met with a certain level of enthusiasm, or
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The Other ‘C’ Word
   Last October, No.7, a cosmetics brand of UK pharmacy chain Boots, sent waves through the feminist world with the
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Handshakes and Empathy: Personal Experiences as a Woman in Corporate Malaysia
As a woman working in the Malaysian corporate sector, I have mixed feelings about anyone claiming that increased education and
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