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Understanding RUU 355: Q&A with Rozana Isa
1. Let’s start with the basics – what is RUU355? RUU355 refers to Act 355 of the Syariah Courts (Criminal
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Short Skirts and the Holler of the Cat-Caller
     The streets have always been a space in which my feet could move freely, but the rest of
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Catcalling, and How It Destroyed My Self-Esteem
I was born and bred in a rural village in Sarawak, and I grew up a fun-loving, cheerful girl around
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Gangguan Di Jalanan: Mengapa Ia Masih Bukan Jenayah?
Penterjemah: Azim Allaudin Saya masih lagi di sekolah rendah ketika pertama kali diusik seawal umur 11 tahun. Ini adalah kejadian
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Street Harassment: How Is This Not a Crime?
There are two reasons why I wrote this; first, to create awareness on these sickening occurrences of harassment, and, second,
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One of Us Needs to Be Kept Off the Streets, and It Isn’t Me.
by Thulasy Suppiah We, Malaysians, pride ourselves on upholding ‘traditional’ Asian values. Respect for women and our elders in a
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The Other ‘F’ Word
by Aina Salleh  Do you remember your first time? You know, your first encounter with good old-fashioned sexism? Could it
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Kenyataan Media: Menegakkan Hak Identiti Masyarakat Transgender
Penterjemah: Ahmad Safwan   Berikut adalah kenyataan media oleh komuniti transgender Malaysia dan sekutu sebagai respons kepada keputusan Mahkamah Rayuan
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