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Hi, I’m from the Future
Sometimes, I like to imagine that non-cis* folk are the next step in human evolution. Like the cis-person’s genetic future. We
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Cis-temic Oppression
The radio was blasting pop tunes, my car going 110 km/hour. I was singing along to the songs at the
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Debunking LGBTIQ Myths and Misconceptions in Malaysia
The two consecutive anti-LGBTIQ events by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) in Universiti Malaya (UM) and the Selangor
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Gender: Antara Realiti Yang Dinafi dan Rutin Yang Ditradisi
Bagaimana anda tahu identiti gender anda, iaitu sama ada anda lelaki, atau perempuan (atau lain-lain)? Pastinya ramai yang akan terdiam
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Leaning In to the Patriarchy?
There are a lot of universal truths in Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s brand of feminism for the working woman, #LeanIn.
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Feminism and the Invisible Capitalist Leash
  Feminism is synonymous with the emancipation of women and other oppressed minorities from all aspects, be it within social
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Brand Feminism: Exploitative or Empowering?
There appears to be a rising “feminist” awareness amongst women and girls in this country – wouldn’t you say? Where
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Hello Miss
  M : Hello Miss. F :  I’m never usually gender identified correctly. M : Hello Miss. F : People
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