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Allison Jong

Allison Jong is a third year lit student who writes poem and does spoken word performances because it’s cheaper than going to the psychiatrist.


Articles by Allison:

Depressed with Big Dreams
“I locked myself in my bedroom with both kids and a knife in hand, ready to kill us all.” I
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Short Skirts and the Holler of the Cat-Caller
     The streets have always been a space in which my feet could move freely, but the rest of
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Perkataan ‘Tidak’ Tersekat di Kerongkong
Penulis: Allison Jong Penterjemah: Syahirah Wahed Aku diajar bahawa penderaan wujud di antara kesan fizikal yang luar biasa di badan
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How the Word ‘No’ Disappeared Down My Throat
by Allison Jong I was taught that abuse exists between the borders of unusual physical markings on a person’s body.
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