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Alicia Izharuddin

Alicia is an academic at a public university in Kuala Lumpur where she teaches Gender Studies.


Articles by Alicia:

Jihad Pasca Liberal: Feminisme Muslim Ketika Zaman Kezaliman dan Tanpa Harapan
Oleh Alicia Izharuddin Penterjemah: Sarahaida Khairuddin   Gambaran Jelas Mengenai Feminisme Muslim Akuinya, keadaan semasa adalah teruk. Kerja sepenuh masa
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Post-Liberal Jihad: Muslim Feminism During a Time of Cruelty and Despair
by Alicia Izharuddin Situating Muslim feminism in the bigger picture Let’s face it, times are bad. Full-time and secure paid
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Ambivalent Malay-Muslim Women: Why They Reject the Hijab
by Alicia Izharuddin I have always been interested in how the social influences the individual. My research project on the
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The Emotional Labour of Dealing with Sexual Harassment
by Alicia Izharuddin  This blog post begins with a fictional story which is yet to have a happy ending: There
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